6 Ways to Drive Melon Sales All Year Long
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6 Ways to Drive Melon Sales All Year Long

Watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews: the quintessential tastes of summer. But why wait until the weather heats up to get consumers excited about the fresh, sweet flavors they love?

Melons are grown around the world, so as one region’s growing season winds down, another starts up. Those complementary growing seasons, paired with advancements in global-to-local supply chains, make it possible to keep a continuous supply of fresh, flavorful melons in your store. That means you can promote the taste of summer that consumers love in any season.

6 Melon Merchandising Ideas
While watermelon sales are historically highly seasonal, (e.g., in the weeks leading up to summer holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July), they—along with melons of all kinds—can be enjoyed throughout the year.

To help shift away from the consumer mentality that melons are a summer-only commodity—and to convert impulse buys to planned purchases—here are six merchandising and promotion ideas to help increase melon sales all year long.

  1. Set up two bin displays during the peak season. Place one outside of the store and one inside, at the front of the produce department. This method helps keep melons top of mind as consumers make their way into and around your store. Keep the bins fully stocked.
  2. Make sure you use high-graphic bins. The National Watermelon Promotion Board reports a 68% increase in sales in stores that use eye-catching bins.
  3. Place a half-cut melon on display to show the quality of the fruit. This can be especially impactful in the winter months.
  4. Cross-promote melons with other seasonal items. During the summer, try displaying them with corn, berries, and hot dogs—everything consumers need to put together a summer grilling event with their family and friends. In other times of the year, it’s worth cross-promoting melons with cucumbers and cheese for a year round melon salad.
  5. Offer a variety of value added options. Promote impulse buys and provide consumers with the options that fit their consumption and convenience needs. For example, carry a mix of whole watermelons, mini watermelons, and cut or chunked watermelons.
  6. Use point-of-sale materials to educate consumers on the product. You can give shoppers tips to help them select the perfect melon, share nutrition information and useful or interesting trivia, or give them ideas for new ways to enjoy the fruit. Doing so can help generate impulse sales and create excitement around the product. For instance, tell consumers that watermelon rind is edible, or put together a grill pack of watermelon wedges.

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Josh Knox

Josh Knox - Category General Manager Melons, Robinson Fresh

Josh Knox joined Robinson Fresh in 2000 and serves as the Category General Manager of Melons. In his current role, Josh is responsible for the Robinson Fresh® global supply strategy, which focuses on the process from seed to shelf. In addition to his role at Robinson Fresh, Josh sits on the National Watermelon Promotion Board and is a member of the Produce Business 40 under 40 club. Josh lives in California and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas.
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