National Kale Day: Celebrate the Culinary and Cultural Phenomena
National Kale Day

National Kale Day: Celebrate the Culinary and Cultural Phenomena

In a slight departure from our usual posting schedule, we’re here a day early with a post to celebrate National Kale Day on its designated day.

In our industry, it’s fair to say that all vegetables are good vegetables. But only a select few rise above the rest to become royalty in the kingdom of fresh produce. Like kale, which exploded in popularity over the last three years and continues to reign supreme in the opinions of many consumers. Kale has become such a phenomenon that it earned its own holiday, National Kale Day, which happens to be today.

With its impressive nutrition profile and versatility, it’s no wonder kale is so appealing to consumers. You’ve likely seen it everywhere: Kale is the trendy, touted ingredient in smoothies and soups, baked into chips, and even transformed into ice cream and other sweet treats in restaurants; it’s a staple in your customers’ shopping carts; the word “kale” is even splayed across t-shirts and on bumper stickers. Kale isn’t just king of the garden—it has become a cultural marvel. Let’s commemorate National Kale Day with a few fun facts about the leafy superfood.

National Kale Day

Kurt Breeggemann

Kurt Breeggemann - category manager, Robinson Fresh

Kurt has been with Robinson Fresh for almost 15 years. He is a category manager of the Western Vegetable and Greens Category for the company's northern region and also manages the division's strategic supplies in the same categories.

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