Pineapples at Easter: 5 Ways Grocers Can Encourage Sales

Pineapples at Easter: 5 Ways Grocers Can Encourage Sales

March 23, 2017

With their refreshingly sweet flavor, delicious versatility, and rich nutritional profile, it’s no wonder pineapples are a consumer favorite. The tropical fruit is coming into peak season, and the Easter holiday is just around the corner—meaning it’s time to promote it.

Many shoppers associate pineapples with ham. After all, the combo is often the centerpiece of Easter feasts, and the pairing is popular on kebobs, in sandwiches, and as pizza toppings. But that coupling is only the tip of the iceberg; pineapples go well with both sweet and savory cuisine and can be prepared in many ways.

And there are plenty of things you can do—from new ideas for your produce display to cross-merchandising techniques—to keep pineapples moving off your shelves during the Easter holiday and throughout the year.

5 ideas to enhance your pineapple produce display and increase sales

  1. A great addition to every plate. Share some meal and recipe inspiration with shoppers by displaying the fruit alongside grilling items and proteins, fresh salsa and salad fixings, or dessert and smoothie ingredients. These ideas can help excite shoppers about trying new preparations or flavor combinations, which can prompt impulse purchases.
  2. Knowledge is sweet. Your shoppers may not know that pineapples are harvested ready to eat. Share this tidbit of information, letting customers know that the pineapples you stock are ripe and can be enjoyed immediately. Another way to entice shoppers to make a purchase is to host in-store cutting demonstrations. Show them how easy it is to cut the fruit in several ways, like chunks, rings, and spears. You can even demonstrate how to cut a pineapple boat—a fun, festive serving option for fruit salad, stir-fry, and other dishes.
  3. It’s all about options. We live in a fast-paced world, and consumers are always on the lookout for ways to simplify and shorten the time they spend in the kitchen. Additionally, with snacking as the top eating occasion, the need for grab-and-go portions is rising. To meet the purchasing and eating habits of all of your shoppers, it’s a best practice to offer value added pineapple.
  4. Warm weather, cool drinks. If your city experiences a blast of unseasonably warm weather, add a standing display of pineapple in the beverage section. Seeing the fruit next to juice, mixers, and alcohol will spur all kinds of tropical drink ideas and lead to more pineapple purchases.
  5. More exposure, more sales. If you’re advertising pineapple at a competitive price—or you find yourself with ample inventory in your store—create a display of cash register endcaps to increase traffic and to keep inventory flowing.

Interested in learning more about pineapples? Read our paper, Pineapples: Consumer and Commodity Insights, which is filled with information to help you understand the latest consumer buying and consumption habits, retail trends, best practices in merchandising, and more.

Gustavo Lora

Gustavo Lora - Category Manager, Robinson Fresh

With a 15+ year career in logistics, construction, and agro business, Gustavo Lora is currently the Category Manager for Robinson Fresh’s Costa Rica pineapple program. Gustavo is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the supply chain including transportation, quality control, allocation, grower management, in addition to developing new program opportunities out of Costa Rica.

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