The 2019 Robinson Fresh Produce Madness Winner Is. . .

The 2019 Robinson Fresh Produce Madness Winner Is. . .

It may seem
like the sports competitions have all wrapped up, but there’s still one more champion
to announce: the winner of our 2019
Robinson Fresh® Produce Madness Tournament

championship featured a much-anticipated showdown between the fourth-seeded
melons and the sixth-seeded tropicals. Both teams had a strong lineup with many
advantages they could draw from to take the title.

Let’s review the melons vs. tropicals matchup.

The melons—with standout stars watermelon,
cantaloupe, honeydew, mini seedless watermelon, and Athena melon—are a versatile perennial
favorite. They’re full of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and a refreshing
amount of water content; buoyed by a passionate fanbase, this tasty group had a
lot of momentum going into the final round.

But not to
be outdone, the tropicals
were also able to boast some compelling reasons to be considered contenders.
Most know of their famed celebrities mango, avocado, pineapple, and papaya, but
the tropicals have a deep bench of more than 30 players, including cactus pear
and jackfruit. Offering many diverse but delicious tastes, this group attracted
more and more supporters as the tournament wore on, and they continue to do so.

The championship round between the melons and tropicals was fierce, with many shocking swings and much delirious drama. But in the end, only one team emerged as the winner. . .


right, we’re proud to recognize tropicals
as the victor of our 2019 Robinson Fresh Produce Madness Tournament! Gathering
a growing crowd of shoppers
, various tropicals commodities now tend
to occupy a coveted spot on many home pantry shelves. And with their popularity
poised to increase dramatically in the coming seasonal months—including pineapples
for Easter
, mangos
for Cinco de Mayo
, and papayas
for summertime
—it’s no
surprise the tropicals were able to capitalize on the fervor and sweep into the
top spot.

But no
matter what time of year it is, Robinson Fresh’s consistent global supply of
produce grown in 40 countries with the strongest growing seasons always keeps
fresh fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. We source more than 2 billion
pounds of produce annually, connecting you with all your #ProduceMadness
berries, greens, grapes, asparagus, citrus, and much more—whenever your customers need

If you want
to know more about how to grow your business using our sourcing and
consumer/category insights, be sure to connect
with one of our experts

Until next
time, thanks for following along with our fun and friendly competition. And
congratulations again to the triumphant tropicals!

Brendan Haslam

Brendan Haslam - Manager of Business Analytics

Brendan Haslam joined Robinson Fresh in 2018 as a manager of Business Analytics. Prior to that, he spent 15 years working for multi-national CPG companies and research agencies in the U.S. and Australia, honing strategic and leadership skills in market analytics, account management and targeting roles. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing and Management from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Brendan is married with two kids under 5 years old, and is a fairly rabid ‘phan’ of Philly sport teams – primarily the Eagles, Phillies and Sixers.

The 2019 Robinson Fresh Produce Madness Tournament


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