Fresh and Fast: Delivered Sales Drives Your Competitive Edge

Fresh and Fast: Delivered Sales Drives Your Competitive Edge

Whether you’re a retailer or in foodservice, your fast-paced business is driven to meet your customers’ expectations. If your shoppers are expecting berries, or a veggie-filled quiche is on your menu, you need the right items to be at the right location, at the right time. And they need to be fresh.

Delivered sales combines the services that can help you procure product and get it to market consistently. Here are three ways a delivered sales solution can help give your business a competitive advantage and keep your fresh supply chain moving.

3 benefits of delivered sales

Efficiency and service.

Streamlining logistics complexities and product procurement can drive efficiencies into your fresh supply chain. When product and transportation are sourced by one provider, one resource is proactively aligned with every piece of the process—which can add cost savings on top of best in class service.

Transportation market insight.

The transportation market can—and does—change quickly. But even when capacity is tight, you need your products to arrive on time and as planned. That’s why it’s important to work with a provider that knows how to stay ahead of and mitigate capacity challenges. With logistics experts who understand the current market, historical trends, and legislative influences that can impact the availability of capacity, you’ll tap into a slew of strategic initiatives and insights structured to support your agile supply chain and get your shipment delivered—even during peak produce season and holiday surges. This is especially key when it comes to temperature controlled shipping, which adds an extra degree of complexity, urgency, and responsibility to the supply chain.

Product knowledge.

Market knowledge and secured capacity are crucial, but it’s also important to note that the fresh supply chain is more than just trucks. In fact, it starts in the field: better seeds and growing practices lead to better crop, better yield, and better quality produce. Understanding the nuances, intricacies, and complexities of growing produce and the best practices for harvesting, packaging, storing, and transporting those fresh foods goes a long way in getting you what you need, when you need it—all while meeting high quality standards.

And, because consumer demand lasts all year, it’s essential to work with a provider that can continuously supply fresh produce, in the quantities you need, to help ensure the freshest experience possible. The concept of nomadic crop makes another case for delivered sales: as the growing season wraps up in one region, it’s just getting underway in another climate. As product origin locations change throughout the year, so do the transportation needs. Delivered sales can handle nomadic crop from both sourcing and transportation standpoints.

Final thoughts

In-depth knowledge of your end-to-end supply chain needs, from product to transportation, helps ensure that strategic and best practices are implemented to get your product where it needs to go—fresh and on time.

As a premier fresh product and solutions provider, Robinson Fresh offers you the freshest produce, the smartest logistics solutions, and unmatched experience and know-how to support your fresh business, from the field to your customers’ hands. Connect with a Robinson Fresh expert to learn how our delivered sales solutions can improve your fresh supply chain.

Mark Petersen

Mark Petersen - Vice President of Global Transportation, Robinson Fresh

As Vice President of Transportation for Robinson Fresh, Mark Petersen oversees all surface transportation regions for Robinson Fresh. In this role, Mark manages the design, development and performance of global transportation initiatives, as well as enterprise solution design in collaboration with North American Surface Transportation. During his tenure with C.H. Robinson, Mark has demonstrated the ability to effectively develop and grow new business relationships, and design unique solutions which allow him to focus and lead resources towards achieving long-term growth initiatives.

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